Oui, tomorrow is Friday!
And I’m excited, not just because its the end of the week but more cause I have a diner with my two best friends. It’s been a while we didn’t see each other’s and I feel like tons of things happed since, so we gonna have a lot to talk about. Then, were going to see the Black Lips at the National (not my favourite venues, but Sala Rosa is getting too small for them). Last time we saw the Black Lips, we were together in Brooklyn in the trashiest venue I never been in my life...

My week was good and I’m adapting to the schedule and my new team. I'm sorry for being a lazy blogger.
I just found it more hard now to fit time to search and write about something fun in my new routine... Ok, and the fact that I inherited of the old Iphone of my lover with all is game make its hard too; I found myself addict to a game call Bubbles Shooter.

Speaking of this, I gonna play a small game before heading the bed


Big blank...

A friend of mine told me her choral was looking for a costume, I said I would mine thinking about something. But now, I’m in charge of finding the concept and created 37 costumes for gospel chorale...

I have no idea what do to... If you have ideas, don’t be shy and please, let me know.


Pop contest result...

Last Friday was the night where the winners design for Pop Montreal design contest were unveiled. I didn’t win but it’s ok; I was really happy and proud of making the top10. It was a nice night at the Founderie boutique and you can see the winners here and pictures of the night here

The first day of my new life

Today was my first real day of work at my new job. Yes, I had to wake-up really early and I was a bit stress by that, but everything went well. My new schedule is really different from my last job, but there’s so many tasks to achieve compare to my last job.

I’m pretty sure (and I hope so) that I’m going to accommodate fast with my new “life”. This job is a really good opportunity for my career. For almost the last 6 years, I was working on my own projects; learning how to build and operate an entrepreneurial venture that was focused on creativity and fashion. After I stop everything, I was always thinking what I wanted to do next and it was not an easy time in my life.I had a year fill with different contracts that never satisfies my gold and left me bitted and unsecured about my future.

This is all over now and I think I’m going to be glad for a long time in my new position!


Stay Gold Mary Rose

StayGoldMaryRose (what an amazing name for a brand!) is a collection of creations by British designer Abigail MaryRose Clark. She has been designing and making her 'Repurposed Vintage Teacup Bracelets' since 2004. Wow, the eco-designer in me really like her stuff.


I took Friday off, I wanted to do some collage (my new obsession) but in the end, with the cleaning, grocery and other boring tasks I also wanted to do before the weekend it did not leave me enough time to do proper collage... honestly, I saw so many amazing collage and mixed media artwork over the web this week that I’m shy on cutting or gluing something. Anyways, I was getting my confidence back when my boyfriend calls; and says he was on his way home, STARVING!!

Ok, so I stopped everything and I became Martha Stewart and made this little goodness bread that looks like muffins. The recipe is really easy, you need to try it:

2 cups of flour
2 the spoon of baking powder
2-3 the spoon of water
2 the spoon of oil
1 egg

For the ingredient inside, I always go with a “ clean the fridge session”.

This time is was:
slice of black & green olives
caramelized onions and mushrooms
blue cheese
and the spicy pepper sauce that the Portuguese grand-mother of my lover made

Preheat you over to 400°F (200°C).
Whisk the flours, baking powder, egg, water and the oil together in a large bowl. Do the same, in a other bowl with the ingredients you want to ad in your muffins. Then slowly incorporate your flavours. If it feels too dry, add a little more water.

bake for 20 to 25 minutes until they are lightly golden and enjoy !